Chairman’s Message

Education is one of the most important factors for the progress of the society and nation. It is one of the best means to build a healthy and wealthy society. We know that our society has a lot of shortcomings like communal hatred, violence, oppression, corruption and so on and so forth.

Therefore it becomes our utmost aim to impart not just academic knowledge to our students but inculcate in students the wonderful ideas of love and compassion, service and sacrifice, honesty and hard work, sense of responsibility, respect and regards for our elders, humility and above all have faith and trust in God.

Today the greatest need of our country is to have loving, honest and dedicated people who will illuminate this country with their knowledge and understanding. Our need is to have good and inspiring leaders. Today’s students will grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Students are just like a block of marble, it is the sculptor who chisels and gives shape to the marble block, polishes it and converts it into a beautiful piece of art. If students are given right directions, opportunities and encouragement they will certainly shine in future.

Hence we at our institution the management and staff together with parents have the responsibility in attributing meaningful education to students and help them to stand out in whatever field they choose.

My personal supervision and encouragement will always be for the entire staff and students of this institution and hope we shall be able to transform this nation into a great and the best place on earth.

May love, peace and harmony always be with us and every one.


Capt. A. Vishwanathan